UNIPCC Lead Authors and  biographical information from Google

Source #1: Core Writing Team Members

      Source #2:  Core Writing Team Members



Rajendra Pachauri,   Chairman -  Economist


Lenny Bernstein -   Chemical Engineer


Peter Bosch IPCC Technical Support Unit


Osvaldo Canziani,  Professor, Applied Meteorology

Zhenlin Chen -  Agronomist  (specializing in Soil Science  and  Plant nutrition)


Renate Christ IPCC Secretary  No biography available


Ogunlade Davidson Professor of Mechanical Engineering


William Hare A) GreenPeace activist;   B) Has a Bachelor of Science  in environmnental science


Saleemul Huq - Plant Scientist


David Karoly -  Professor of Meteorology - climatologist


Vladimir Kattsov - Hydrometeorologist


Zbigniew Kundzewicz -  Professor of Earth Sciences (Agriculture and Forest Environment)


Jian Liu Chinese Ecosystem Researcher


Ulrike Lohmann -  Climate Scientist


Martin Manning - - Climate Scientist


Taroh Matsuno - Geophysicist

Bettina Menne -  Medical Officer, Global Change and Health, WHO Regional Office for Europe


Bert Metzonirul Mirza -  Chemical Engineer

Neville Nicholls -  Professor of Geography and Environmental Science


Leonard Nurse - Climatologist


Jean Palutikof Climate Scientist


Martin Parry - Professor of Geography & Environmental Science


Dahe Qin -  Meterologist


Nijavalli Ravindranath -  Climate Research Scientist


Andy Reisinger -  Climate Scientist


Jiawen Ren - Glaciologist   


Keywan Riahi -  Energy Economist


Cynthia Rosenzweig -  Professor of Environmental Science


Matilde Rusticucci -  Meteoroligist


Stephen Schneider -  PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Plasma Physics


Youba Sokona Energy and Environmental Specialist


Susan Solomon - Atmospheric Chemist


Peter Stott Climate Scientist


Ronald Stouffer -  Meteorologist specializing in climate modeling


Taishi Sugiyama -  Environmental Energy Specialist


Rob Swart Environmental Engineer


Dennis Tirpak Climate Policy Specialist


Coleen Vogel - Climatologist


Gary Yohe - Professor of Economics


Terry Barker - Economist


Abdelkader Allali - Minister of Agriculture (Morocco)


Roxana Bojariu -  Geophysics


Sandra Diaz Plant Ecologist


Ismail Elgizouli -  ???


Dave Griggs Climate Scientist 

David Hawkins -  Director of the Climate Center of the Natural Resources Defense Council 

Olav Hohmeyer - Economist


Bubu Pateh Jallow -  Secretary State for Forestry and the Environment (Gambia) 

Lucka Kajfez-Bogataj  - Climatologist

Neil Leary - Natural Resource Economist

Hoesung Lee -  ???

David Wratt Climate Scientist